School Board

Name Position Phone Number
Andrew Maertz President (920) 366-1033
Richard Hein Vice President (920) 323-5112
Carie Boldt Treasurer (920) 732-4604
Vicki Petska Clerk (920) 629-1354
Todd Schneider Director (920) 810-8951


A Board of Education is a legal entity for providing a system of public education within a geographic area of the State of Wisconsin. The system was created by, and is governed by, State statutes. Members of a Board are chosen by citizens to represent them and the State in the governance of the local schools.

The Board has the dual responsibility for implementing statutory requirements pertaining to public education and for meeting the desires of residents. While the Board has an obligation to determine and assess citizen desires, it is understood that when the voters elect delegates to represent them in the conduct of specified educational programs, they, at the same time, are endowed with the authority to exercise their best judgement in determining policies, making decisions, and approving procedures for carrying out the responsibility.

Regular meetings of the Board of Education are typically held on the third Mondays of each month at 6:30 p.m.
in the high school library. See below for accurate date and time.

Meeting Schedule

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Thank you for visiting the Reedsville Public School District website. As the superintendent, I am proud of the students, staff, parents, and community who have continually supported our district for many years...

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We, the Board of Education, believe the purpose of the Reedsville Public School District is to provide education of the highest character for the residents of the district. The school district must provide an educational...

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