Academic Information

Reedsville High School is proud of its academics. WKCE testing compares all the schools in the nation to see where high schools are at with their education. RHS consistently scores at the top of the percentile when it comes to WKCE testing. In fact, Reedsville High School won a national award for its honors. Even the U.S. News and World Report awarded the Reedsville High School a National School Award.

At RHS, we have the block schedule. The block schedule allows a student to only take four classes per day. Each class is one hour and 30 minutes long. This is nice for students because homework at night is reduced when they have more time to work on it during school. Also, because of the block schedule, at RHS you have the opportunity to obtain more credits than you would with a normal eight-hour day. Students at RHS tend to like and enjoy the block schedule.

Reedsville High School passed a referendum in 2009 to add on and remodel the existing high school. The building project has been completed since 2010. At RHS, students are introduced and surrounded by the latest technology available. Each room now has a projector connected to a computer. In the ceiling are mounted speakers which makes it possible for a whole class to hear sounds of videos coming from the computer.

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From the latest technology to a great staff of teachers, Reedsville High School feels like they can give your child the best possible education during their high school years. We challenge you to put our high school up against any other high schools in the state.

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