The regular meeting of the Reedsville Board of Education was called to order at 6:33 P.M. by Board President Andrew Maertz. Present: Board Members – Andrew Maertz, John Ebert, Jeff Deprez (absent), Cory Kiekhaefer, and Vicki Petska. Administrative Team Members – Tony Butturini, Michael Nate, Angie Sanderfoot; Others Regina Olson, Dana Kornely, Ann Marie Kulas, Lynn Stetson, Carrie Boldt, Michael Boldt, Zach Boldt, and Maggie Berkholtz.
Mr. Tony Butturini announced that proper legal notice of the meeting had been given.

I. Opening
A. Motion by John Ebert to approve the agenda, seconded by Cory Kiekhaefer. All ayes.
B. Pledge of Allegiance.
II. Public Input
III. Reports
A. District Administrator/High School Principal
Mr. Tony Butturini reported as follows: 1.Motion by John Ebert, seconded by Vicki Petska to approve credit approval. 2. WASB convention. 3. Water heater issue. 4. School Board candidates. 5. Legislative report. 6. Insurance meeting. 7. Panther for a Day.

B. Elem/MS Principal
Mr. Michael Nate reported as follows: 1. Enrollment numbers Elem/MS 2. Reedsville readers. 3. 2015-2016 scheduling. 4. Observations. 5. Second grade community service project – eye glass collection. 6. E-mail from student teacher,

C. School Psychologist/Supervisor of Special Education
Ms. Angie Sanderfoot reported as follows: 1. Budget – MOE staffing changes. 2. Children with Disabilities. 3. Child outcomes. 4 ACT. 5. Badger Exam. 6. School based billing. 7. Staffing

D. Board Members
Cory Kiekhaefer commended Panther for a Day – Great DVD. Nice projection of our school.
Andrew Maertz felt we had great discussion of alternate compensation at meeting.
IV. Old Business
V. Consensus Action Items
A. Approval of minutes from December 15, 2014 regular board meeting.
B. Discussion/Action payment of bills.
Motion made by Cory Kiekhaefer, seconded by Vicki Petska. All ayes. Motion carried.
V. Discussion Items
A. Discussion held on alternate compensation meeting.
B. Chatterbox – Discussion on possible proposal for before and after-school daycare.
C. Information: Notice of School Board Election
Incumbents: Jeff Deprez– Plus vacant 3 year position and 2 year position
2014-2015 Election Timetable
April 7 – Spring Election
April 27 – School Board members take office
VI. Discussion/Action items
A. Annual Meeting Time. Motion by John Ebert for annual meeting to be Monday, September 21, 2015
at 7:00 PM. Seconded by Vicki Petska. All ayes.
B. Motion by Cory Kiekhaefer, seconded by Vicki Petska to approve the Technical Excellence
Scholarship Policy (Second Reading). All ayes. Motion carried.
C. Employment Recommendations – Motion by Vicki Petska, seconded by John Ebert to approve
recommendation for Ashly Coulter as Special Education aide. All ayes.

VII. Adjournment
Motion by John Ebert, seconded by Cory Kiekhaefer to adjourn at 7:08 PM. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned.

Cory Kiekhaefer, Clerk