The regular meeting of the Reedsville Board of Education was called to order at 6:32 P.M. by Board President Andrew Maertz. Present: Board Members – Andrew Maertz, John Ebert, Jeff Deprez, Cory Kiekhaefer, and Vicki Petska. Administrative Team Members – Tony Butturini, Michael Nate, Angie Sanderfoot-Absent; Others - Sarah Lubner, Warren Wedepohl, Sue Deprez, and Becky O’Leary.
Andrew Maertz announced that proper legal notice of the meeting had been given.

I. Opening
A. Motion to add g.) Technology purchases through e-rate to Discussion/Action Items by Cory Kiekhaefer, seconded by John Ebert. All ayes.
B. Pledge of Allegiance.

II. Public Input
Warren Wedepohl – PE Credits and refinance of debt.

III. Reports
A. District Administrator/High School Principal
Mr. Tony Butturini reported as follows: 1. Chiller Replacement 2. Phy-ed Credits.
3. Alternate compensation. 4. Grade advancement discussion. 5. Health care costs. 6.
Superintendent evaluation. 7. Refinance debt. 8. Legislative issues. 9. Snowball court
congratulations. 10. Host solo/ensemble March 7. 11. National Honor Society banquet March 10th.
12. Motion by Vicki Petska for credit approvals for Ken Krause and Tracy Shillcox, seconded by John
Ebert. All ayes.

B. Elem/MS Principal
Mr. Michael Nate reported as follows: 1. Enrollment notes. 2. Summer School. 3. 2015-2016
scheduling update. 4. 2nd Quarter honor roll. 5. Spelling bee winners. 6. Wrap around daycare. 7.
Literacy nights. 8. Observations. 9. Administration team preparing for the staff in-service.

C. School Psychologist/Supervisor of Special Education
Ms. Angie Sanderfoot reported as follows: 1. Children with Disabilities. 2. ACT + writing and ACT
work keys. 3. ACT aspire. 4. WKCE. 5. State testing and data digging.

D. Board Members

IV. Old Business

V. Consensus Action Items
A. Approval of minutes from January 19, 2015 regular board meeting.
B. Discussion/Action payment of bills.
Motion made by John Ebert, seconded by Vicki Petska, Andrew Maertz-Abstained. All ayes.

V. Discussion Items
A. Alternate Compensation Committee Meeting Review.

VI. Discussion/Action items
A. Chatterbox Daycare. Motion by Cory Kiekhaefer to continue to pursue this further, seconded by Jeff Deprez. All ayes.
B. Student request for PE credit. Motion by Jeff Deprez to award .5 credit to student athletes, seconded by Vicki Petska. All ayes.
C. High School grade advancement procedure. Motion by Vicki Petska to move students by grade level rather than credits, seconded by Jeff Deprez. All ayes. John Ebert-Absent
D. Fredrickson Engineering/Chiller Proposal. Look into another bid from another engineering firm.
E. Discussion to refinance or pay off fund 38 debt (Pension Liability).

F. Employment Recommendations – Nick Zeleske – Head Boys Track coach, Shawn Eckstein-Asst Boys Track, Jim Meidl-Head Softball, Tammy Bloemer-JV Softball, Alex Ourada-Head Baseball, Tyler Zahn-Asst Baseball. Motion by Jeff Deprez, seconded by Andrew Maertz. John Ebert-abstained. All ayes.
G. Technology purchases through e-rate. Motion by Cory Kiekhaefer to make technology purchase through e-rate, seconded by Vicki Petska. All ayes.

VII. Adjournment
Motion by Jeff Deprez, seconded by John Ebert to adjourn at 8:24 PM. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned.

Cory Kiekhaefer, Clerk