The regular meeting of the Reedsville Board of Education was called to order at 6:30 P.M. by Board President Andrew Maertz. Present: Board Members Andrew Maertz, John Ebert, Jeff Deprez, Cory Kiekhaefer (absent), and Vicki Petska. Administrative Team Members Tony Butturini, Michael Nate, Angie Sanderfoot; Others - Sue Deprez, Michael Boldt, Carie Boldt, Regina Olson, Gina Meshak, Joy Spatchek, Ann Marie Kulas, Andrew Bubolz, LuAnn Boyea, Jodi Haese, and Maggie Berkholtz
Andrew Maertz announced that proper legal notice of the meeting had been given.

I. Opening
A. Motion by Jeff Deprez, seconded by John Ebert to move 8 a) to after Public Input. All ayes
B. Pledge of Allegiance.

II. Public Input

8. a. Health Insurance Presentation LuAnn Boyea
Discussion held.

III. Reports
A. District Administrator/High School Principal
Mr. Tony Butturini reported as follows: 1. Motion by John Ebert, seconded by Jeff Deprez to approve credits for Ken Krause. All ayes. 2. WECAN web site discussion. 3. List of area referendums. 4. Congratulations to all the winter sports teams and athletes on their program on March 9th . 5. Proud of our district and volunteers for the solo/ensemble on Saturday, March 7th . Congratulations to Pam Hammel. Ellen Pierce, and Cindy Sohn on great day. 6. Recognition banquet April 29th . 7. Alternative compensation meeting.

B. Elem/MS Principal
Mr. Michael Nate reported as follows: 1. Enrollment notes. 2. Summer School. 3. 2015-2016
scheduling update. 4. Wrap around daycare. 5. Connector. 6. Pennies for patients 7. Hoops for hearts.
8. Dr. Suess week. 9 .Solo / ensemble- Congrats to Eleni Hein and Raye Kugle for * first.

C. School Psychologist/Supervisor of Special Education
Ms. Angie Sanderfoot reported as follows: 1. Children with Disabilities Job fair. 2. ACT + writing
and ACT work keys. 3. Badger exam.

D. Board Members
John Ebert asked about changes to the administrators evaluations and to add to the April closed
Andrew Maertz provided information from CESA #7 regarding legal counsel.

IV. Old Business

V. Consensus Action Items
A. Approval of minutes from February 16, 2015 regular board meeting and closed session and March 2, 2015 special meeting as amended.
B. Discussion/Action payment of bills.
Motion made by Jeff Deprez, seconded by Vicki Petska,. All ayes.

V. Discussion Items
B. Legislative Update (Assembly Bill 1)
C. How poverty impacts achievement Report from DPI
D. Request from Village of Reedsville Andy Bubolz remodel project

VI. Discussion/Action items
A. Activity accounts Boys track / cross country. Motion by Jeff Deprez, seconded by John Ebert to separate accounts. Motion carried. All ayes.

B. Employment recommendations: Resignation Maggie Berkholtz, change JV Baseball to Tyler Zahn / Adam Denor to shared position. Motion by John Ebert, seconded by Vicki Petska, All ayes.

C. Computer purchase. Motion by Vicki Petska, seconded by John Ebert. Motion carried All ayes.

D. Motion by Vicki Petska, seconded by Jeff Deprez to enrollment in WECAN if necessary. All ayes.

E. Approval of teacher contracts Motion by Jeff Deprez to table to next month, seconded by Vicki Petska. Motion carried All ayes.

F. Motion by Jeff Deprez, seconded by Vicki Petska to increase capitalization amount for fixed assets from $1000 to $2000. Motion carried. All ayes.

VII. Adjournment
Motion by Jeff Deprez, seconded by Vicki Petska to adjourn at 8:05 PM. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned.

Cory Kiekhaefer, Clerk