The regular meeting of the Reedsville Board of education was called to order at 6:01 PM by Board President Andrew Maertz. Present: Board members - Andrew Maertz, Todd Schneider, Vicki Petska, Rick Hein and Carie Boldt. Administrative team members - Tony Butturini, Michael Nate, Joe Cook and Ryan McCulley. Others - Marissa Leschke, Dana Kornely, Karen Bowers, Apryl Cerkus, Amanda Rosner, Joy Spatchek, Sue DePrez, Kris Hanson, Becky O’Leary and Amy Hein.

Mr. Andrew Maertz called the meeting to order at 6:02 and announced that proper legal notice of the meeting had been given.

1. Opening
1. Pledge of Allegiance led by President Andrew Maertz
2. Motion to approve agenda made by Carie Boldt, seconded by Vicki Petska.
1. Public Input - Amanda Rosner asked about overnight WILL trips
2. Discussion items
1. Employment announcements - Junior advisors - Wanda Mueller, Marlen Brunner, Chris Shimek, and Doug Kufalk; Senior advisors - Melissa Wiese, Ben Krull, Kris Klug, and Connie Kimmes; Drama Club advisor resignation - Cathy Hansen; Drama Club advisor - Stephanie Maertz
1. Discussion/Action Items
1. Motion to accept payment of bills made by Rick Hein, seconded by Carie Boldt. Andrew Maertz abstained. Motion carried 4-0.
2. Motion to approve minutes from the August 21 regular meeting and closed session made by Todd Schneider and seconded by Vicki Petska. All ayes. Motion carried.
3. Motion to approve Parent Transportation contracts made by Rick Hein and seconded by Carie Boldt. All ayes. Motion carried.
4. Motion to approve an increase in Melissa Munoz-Alvarado’s hours if needed made by Carie Boldt and seconded by Rick Hein. All ayes. Motion carried.
5. Motion to approve Amber Fredricks as social worker up to 25 hours if needed made by Vicki Petska and seconded by Carie Boldt. All ayes. Motion carried.
6. Motion to approve Bruce Budysz as Head Girls basketball coach made by Todd Schneider and seconded by Vicki Petska. All ayes. Motion carried.
7. Motion to approve Daniel Butler as Head Boys track coach made byRick Hein, seconded by Todd Schneider. All ayes. Motion carried.
1. Reports
1. District Administrator/High School Principal-1. Congrats to Homecoming court 2. Teacher handbook committee 3. Thank you to Joe Cook 4. WASB Regional meeting 5. Thank you to staff & students
2. Elementary/Middle School Principal-1. Enrollment 2. Summer school 3. 6th grade camp 4. Glo Run 5. Middle School Leadership Counsel 6. Panther Den
3. Director of Special Education-1. Equitable Service 2. Transfer students/audiology services 3. Required reporting 4. Indicator 11 audit 5. Social Worker
4. Dean of Students/Athletic Director-1. Coaching recommendations 2. Meemic Foundation Grant 3. Start of School Year 4. Chromebooks in HS 5. Panther Sports Complex
5. Board Members -1. Carie Boldt suggested adjusting open house hours or post them sooner so parents can take off of work 2. Andrew will be at the WASB meeting this Friday and Saturday.
1. Motion to adjourn made at 6:30 PM by Vicki Petska, seconded by Todd Schneider. All ayes. Motion carried, meeting adjourned.

Vicki Petska, Clerk