The regular meeting of the Reedsville Board of Education was called to order at 5:30 P.M. by Board President Andrew Maertz. Present: Board Members Andrew Maertz, Todd Cavanaugh, John Ebert, Jeff Deprez,, and Cory Kiekhaefer. Administrative Team Members Tony Butturini, Michael Nate, Angie Sanderfoot; Others: Joy Spatchek, Sue Deprez and Maggie Berkholtz..
Mr. Tony Butturini announced that proper legal notice of the meeting had been given.
Board President Andrew Maertz led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

I. Opening
A. Motion by Todd Cavanaugh to approve the agenda, seconded by John Ebert. All ayes.

II. Public Input

III. Reports
A. District Administrator/High School Principal
Mr. Tony Butturini reported as follows: 1. Congratulations to John Ebert for receiving his level IV award at the Regional WASB meeting. 2. Board members visiting the schools. 3 Congrats to Grant Wedepohl and Bailey Ebben who are Homecoming king and queen. Thanks to the advisors for a great week of activities. 4. Resolution to add Fund 41 for capital improvements. 5. Manitowoc Street bridge project. 6.WASDA School Finance workshop on October 23rd. 7 End of term #1, Wed. Nov 5th. 8. High school fall play Friday and Saturday, Nov. 7-8. 9. Aspire testing.

B. Elem/MS Principal
Mr. Michael Nate reported as follows: 1. Enrollment numbers.2. Communication. 3. 6th grade camp. 4. Early childhood screening. 5. Elementary language arts teachers belief statement, 6. 5th grade student garden project. 7. Fundraiser. 8. Olympian Middle School conference. 9. Congratulations to Marco Lopex-Abundix for 1st place in the state in the AMVETS program and finished 3rd in the nation. Book fair $1500 for books.

C. School Psychologist/Supervisor of Special Education
Ms. Angie Sanderfoot reported as follows: 1. Child find. 2. ACT Aspire testing. 3. WKCE. 4
. SMARTER Balance Assessment. 5. IDEA Part B. 6. Open Enrollment with exceptions.

D. Board Members
Todd Cavanaugh commented on the Kiel meeting. It provided new information for some and there
was many positive comments.
John Ebert said it was good to see the sign lite.

IV. Old Business

V. Consensus Action Items
A. Approval of minutes from September 15, 2014 regular board meeting and September 29, 2014
special meeting.
B. Discussion/Action payment of bills.
Motion made by Cory Kiekhaefer, seconded by John Ebert. All ayes. Andrew Maertz abstained.

VI. Discussion Items

VII. Discussion/Action items
A. RAA Request for $2500 for dug outs for Softball field. After discussion, there was a motion by John Ebert, seconded by Andrew Maertz to fund $2000 toward the project to be paid to the contractor. Roll call vote as follows: C Kiekhaefer, yes, J Ebert, yes, A Maertz, yes, t Cavanaugh, no, Jeff Deprez, no. Motion carried.
B. Motion by Jeff Deprez, seconded by Todd Cavanaugh to authorize the district to sell .02 acres to the Village of Reedsville for the bridge project. All ayes. Motion passed.
C. Employment recommendations Matt Quellhorst, JV football coach, Dillion Beyer, boys 7th and 8th grade basketball, Troy Behnke, boys 5th grade basketball, Lyndsay Holschbach, Girls Freshmen basketball, Kelly Salm, 7th and 8th grade girls basketball, Diane Vogel, 6th grade girls basketball, Michael Laeson, girls 5th grade basketball, Josh Ebert, middle school wrestling. Motion by Jeff Deprez, seconded by Todd Cavanaugh to approve as listed. All ayes.

VIII Adjournment
Motion by Todd Cavanaugh, seconded by Cory Kiekhaefer to adjourn at 7:00 PM. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned.

Cory Kiekhaefer, Clerk