The regular meeting of the Reedsville Board of Education was called to order at 5:30 P.M. by Board President Andrew Maertz. Present: Board Members – Andrew Maertz, John Ebert, Jeff Deprez,, Cory Kiekhaefer, and Vicki Petska. Administrative Team Members – Tony Butturini, Michael Nate, Angie Sanderfoot; Others Wanda Mueller, Kim Luedtke, Daniel Sonnenberg, Debbie Gardner, Joy Spatchek, Regina Olson, Chris Christensen, Susan Deprez, Carrie Boldt, Michael Boldt, Zach Boldt, and Becky O’Leary.
Andrew Maertz announced that proper legal notice of the meeting had been given.

I. Opening
A. Motion by Jeff Deprez to approve the agenda, seconded by Cory Kiekhaefer. All ayes.
B. Pledge of Allegiance.

II. Public Input

III. Reports
A. District Administrator/High School Principal
Mr. Tony Butturini reported as follows: 1. Reality Store. 2. Alternate Compensation Committee.
3. Planning February in-service. 4. Expenditure Summary. 5. Thank you Ryan Storzer & Brett
Yohanek. 6. Student Photo quotes 7. Wisconsin Technical Excellence Scholarship. 8. WILL Class
Open House at the manor. 9. Christmas social December 17th. 10. Term 1 Honor Roll.

B. Elem/MS Principal
Mr. Michael Nate reported as follows: 1. Enrollment numbers Elem/MS 2. Elementary Winter
Concert. 3. Apparel ordering. 4. MS Schedule. 5. Kay’s Krafts donations.

C. School Psychologist/Supervisor of Special Education
Ms. Angie Sanderfoot reported as follows: 1. Children with Disabilities. 2. ACT Aspire. 3. School
based billing.

D. Board Members

IV. Old Business

V. Consensus Action Items
A. Approval of minutes from November 17, 2014 regular board meeting and closed session.
B. Discussion/Action payment of bills.
Motion made by John Ebert, seconded by Jeff Deprez. All ayes.

V. Discussion Items
A. Mission/Vision Statement.
B. Information: Notice of School Board Election
Incumbents: Jeff Deprez and Cory Kiekhaefer – Plus vacant position – 2 years
2014-2015 Election Timetable
December 26 – Deadline for filing incumbent notice of non-cadidacy
January 6 – Deadline for filing declaration of candidacy
January 13 – Deadline for verification of declaration of candidacy
February 17 – Spring Primary
April 7 – Spring Election
April 27 – School Board members take office
C. Higher Education Achievement Board – Technical Excellence Scholarship Policy (First Reading)
D. Audit Review.

VI. Discussion/Action items
A. Annual Meeting Date. Motion by Jeff Deprez for annual meeting to be Monday, September 21, 2015, seconded by Vicki Petska. All ayes.
B. Nominations and election of a Board Vice President. Motion by Jeff Deperz to nominate John Ebert as Board Vice President. Motion by Jeff Deprez to appoint John Ebert as Board Vice President, seconded by Cory Kiekhaefer. All ayes.
C. Video Taping of School Board Meetings.
D. Employment Recommendations – Resignations: Mike VandenAvond – JV Softball, Joni Larson – Frosh Volleyball, Vicky Schmidt – 4K-Aid. Motion by John Ebert, seconded by Jeff Deprez. All ayes.
VII. Adjournment
Motion by Jeff Deprez, seconded by Cory Kiekhaefer to adjourn at 6:24 PM. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned.

Cory Kiekhaefer, Clerk