Elementary/Middle School Department
High School Department


Evaluation Timelines
IEP and Placement Timelines
Introduction to Special Education
Intro to Sp. Ed (en espaƱol)
Summary of Disabilities in Sp. Ed
Sp. Ed in Plain Language

Referral & Eval. Procedures

Referral and Evaluation Procedures

Mentioned at IEPs


Read Aloud Extension (Text-to-Speech)
Mercury Reader (Simplify Screen and Read Aloud)
Dyslexia Friendly
AR Book Finder
Epic Reading
Read Theory
Text-to-Speech in Chrome (Google Read & Write)
Google Text to Speech
Text-to-Speech in Chrome (Speak It!)
Reading Fluency Practice (Readline)
High Contrast (Easier to read screen)
Make Summaries of Articles


Voice-in Voice Typing (Speech to text)
Speech to Text in Chrome (Voice Note II)
Google Voice Typing
SnapType App
Speech to Text on a Mac
Speech to Text: iPhone and iPad


i-Ready Math Apps
Math Flashcards

Chromebook Accessibility
Move It! (Provides Movement Breaks)

Notices & Communication Options

Child Find & FERPA
Communication Options
Notice of Rights
Scholarship Notice

Disability Fact Sheets

Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Developmental Delay
Emotional and Behavioral
Intellectual Disability
Learning Disability
Multiple Disabilities
Other Health Impaired
Speech & Language
Traumatic Brain Injury
Visual Impairment

Family Resources

Wisconsin Family Assist. Center
Family Support
Respite Care
WI Family Engagement Newsletter

Disability-Related Agencies

Disability-Related Agencies

Post-Secondary Transition

Transition to Adulthood
DVR (Dept of Vocational Rehab)
HS vs. College Accommodations